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At elSue, we believe online marketing should not be complicated. Social Media, Email Marketing, Employee Advocacy and Blogging can be rewarding if done the right way. That’s what we are all about “doing it right”. We are here to help you setup and manage your social media profiles and business pages (Google+, Facebook and Twitter), create custom email campaigns, and one-on-on consultation or training to you and your team at your place or with Google+ Hangout video calls. Your business will see your online presence grow which in turn improves your bottom line. elSue utilizes the latest technologies, marketing research and strategies, to keep up with the ever changing world of online marketing. Let us help you so that you can go tend to what you do best for your business.

Susan Walsh

My passion is to help businesses grow their brand with social media, email marketing, training and one-on-one consulting. There's been a plethora of learning from the experts and hard work along the way, which I treasure. I've traveled the world and met wonderful people. We are in a constant state of learning so that the goals we set are exceeded. The "end game" or "reward" is a sense of accomplishment knowing we have helped others grow their brand via online with our help.

Ellen Moore

I’ve worked mainly in publishing – educational, community newspaper and directories – with a strong background in using computer applications to produce materials and improve productivity. It’s only natural that I moved into web publishing and finding ways to help local businesses get found online. I started using WordPress back in 2007 when I started blogging. Back then WordPress was basically a blogging platform but people were starting to expand it with plugins to do more than be fore blogging.

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