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The Value of Social Media

  • Enhancing Relationships With Existing Customers

  • Engaging With Influencers

  • Learning About Company's Reputation

  • Monitoring External Communication

  • Resolving Customer Complaints / Questions

  • Vetting Potential Employees


Social Business Benchmark 2014 InfoGraphic

View Key findings and download graphic
Social Business Benchmark 2014 - Source Hootsuite

A new global study by HootSuite of 750+ enterprise organizations reveals that the majority of businesses believe a social media presence is important to the bottom line, yet they face challenges in turning social data into something actionable.

*Survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Hootsuite



Facebook is the leader of social media sites. If you are a storefront business, having a business page will give you more exposure. Post what happening along with photos, and videos. Ask your customers to review you. Engage and Interact by posting special offers, tips, and introduce new products and services. There's so much you can do with a Facebook Page.


Google+ continues to grow exponentially every day - all over the world. Whether you are a local business, brand or organization a Google+ Page is essential. Google is the number one search engine and YouTube number two. Google+ is now integrated with YouTube on your business page. There are so many reasons why every business should be on Google+.


LinkedIn's features continue to expand - it's more than a social site for job seekers or head hunters. Grow your LinkedIn network with a personal and business page, Join or create a group, create publishing posts and a lot more. Remember "Johnny from College" - connect, he just might end up being a new client or hook you up with someone he knows. Go for it!


With 255 Million active users who collectively send out 500 million tweets a day, here's another social network to take advantage of. Tweets are 140 characters crafted to capture the attention of potential customers or remind current customers of your products and or services.

Social Media Management - Make a Powerful First Impression!

Complimentary 45 minute phone call or Google+ Video Hangout in which we will discuss your goals, your current online presence and which social media sites you are currently on will help you achieve them.

elSue offers a Basic Social Media Plan and Custom Social Media Plan. If you decide on a Custom Social Media Plan, we will outline one for you and go over in more depth. There is a charge for the Custom Social Media Plan

Call Susan at 774-203-9137 or email susan@elSue to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.

Note: You will need to fill out the following pre-client assessment form before our consultation.


We’ll set-up a Professional Profile LinkedIn named “All Star”

  • Profile picture (headshot)
  • Custom cover image designed by elSue – your photos are welcome or we use ours
  • Complete profile with a great summary, experience, projects you worked on and more
  • Upload media to sections of your profile – photos, videos, presentations, awards, we can even upload photos of your team members with a short description!
  • Create one “Publishing Post” with a custom cover for the post along with images, video, and links included in the post. LinkedIn Posts are “blogging on LinkedIn” – a must have tied to your profile page!
  • Link your profile to your business page and website
  • One hour training on how to use LinkedIn

Setup a Professional Profile profile 100% called “All Star”

Note: Client to fill out Intake Form with information to complete the profile 100%

Facebook Page 

We’ll set-up a Professional Branded Company Facebook Page that includes:

  • Profile picture (logo or other image)
  • Cover image
  • Call-to-Action button (new)
  • Upload Photos and videos
  • About Page info
  • Create one “welcome” post
  • One hour training on how to use your Page 

Note: client to provide logo, cover image/photo, photos and videos.  elSue does provide custom Facebook Cover Images


We’ll set-up a Professional Branded Twitter profile that includes:

  • Custom Cover Image – Including photo and text overlay
  • Logo
  • About you or your business
  • Preferred Twitter handle – name
  • Setup lists
  • Five tweets to get you started with photos, videos, or industry news
  • One hour training on how to use your Page

Note: client to provide logo, cover image/photo, photos and videos.

Social Content

Our goal is to help increase awareness of a your brand, products and services, news and events to engage new and existing customers. After reviewing your website and the social media networks you are currently on, we provide a 45-minute complimentary phone call to go over our findings and provide feedback on which social media plan will best suit your needs.

We provide the following social media management tasks, along with unique techniques, to ensure audience growth and return on your social media investment.


  • Twitter updates: can be a blog post, business news, product and or service updates, events, photos, videos, special offers and curated content such as industry news.
  • Monitor notifications and feedback: new followers, mentions, re-tweets and direct messages along with new opportunities to engage directly.
  • Profile: update and maintain a great looking, current profile.

Note: Tweets are 140 characters including the link which we shorten using Bit.ly.


  • Weekly Posts on Facebook – this can be a blog posts, business news, product and or service updates, photos, videos, events, special offers, and curated content such as industry news. Client to provide Posts prior to the start of the week with a  link to content, a paragraph or two introduction to content and photo/graphic (optional).
  • Monitor notifications and feedback – Likes, post reach, visits, comments, notifications (messages/requests), reviews along with new opportunities to engage directly.
  • Profile: update and maintain a great looking, current profile.


  • Weekly Status updates on LinkedIn – this can be a blog post, business news, events and curated content such as industry news.
  • Monitor notifications – new connections, mail, publishing posts, endorsements – notify client weekly.

Note: Client to provide posts, status updates or news prior to the start of the week with a link to content, a paragraph or two introduction to content and photo/graphic (optional).

Optional: elSue to provide curated content in which we will go over while assessing your needs and goals.

 Monthly Report

  • End of month report to include new connections or followers on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter and other analytics provided by each social network.
  • 30 minute phone call to go over social media progress


Additional on-the-fly posts or updates on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (same day)

Curate content; news articles, photos, videos and more related to industry

Create LinkedIn Publishing Posts. These blog posts remain on your LinkedIn Profile page. They can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. People can comment, give a thumbs up or down. It’s one of the best features! Take existing blog posts from your blog and Post them on LinkedIn. Top Posts are included in LinkedIn Pulse email notifications. Example Publishing Post – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/create-lists-using-linkedin-tags-susan-walsh


  • Monthly campaigns
  • List Management and Segmentation
  • Project management


  • Google Analytics – setup social media “goals”
  • Manually, share your email campaign to your social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Email Automation – Trigger emails after people subscribe, click, open or buy 

Note:  automatic social media integration within Constant Contact depending on your type of account.

Certificate of Social Media Marketing

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