How to Embed a Google+ Post on Your Website or Blog

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We are early adopters of Google+ and passionate about all the great features it has to offer people, brands and all kinds of businesses. As Google+ evolves, users are growing exponentially worldwide brining people and businesses together – engagement being a major factor – many of the experts have joined hands. There’s a sense of camaraderie among these experts, especially in the Google+ Communities – my favorite ‘Plus Your Business”.

In order to learn more about Google+, we follow experts like Ronnie Bincer “The Hangout Helper” Martin Shervington, Owner of the “Plus Your Business Community” Ben Fisher “Steady Demand” and Denis Labelle, who was voted “The Most Knowledgeable About Google+” by the Google+ Community.

Weekly blog tips

We have decided to take what we learn and write weekly blog post and video tips on how to use Google+ for your business. Since Google+ is constantly changing, we will keep you informed on our blog and Google+ page. Be sure to follow us of Google+!

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Embed a Google+ post on your website or blog

Today, I’m going to show you how to “embed Google+ Posts on your website”. This feature was introduced last September and I noticed  it on some blogs recently and thought “that’s so cool – I want to do that on our website too!” When visitors encounter the Google+ embedded post on your website or blog, they can +1, comment, or follow the post author – all without leaving your website. Let’s get started – it’s almost too easy!

Find a “public post” you like and want to embed

I chose this post by Rebecca Radice – the queen of social engagement on Google+ and other social media sites. I follow her on Google+ because she finds helpful, interesting information and shares them with the public. Sharing other people’s posts is a great way to engage people and build your “following” on Google+.

Embed Google+ Post

Embed a Google+ Post on your website or blog

Follow these three easy steps

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  • In the “right hand corner” of the post click on the “drop-down arrow”. If you don’t see the arrow, hover over the right hand corner of the post and it will appear.
  • Click on “Embed Post” and the lightbox will open with the code for your website or blog.
  • Copy the code and add it to your website or blog post. If you don’t know how to add code to your website, email it to your web person and ask them to add it. For more information from Google go to Google+ Embedded Posts

Voila! Rebecca’s informative, interactive Google+ post

You can see how easy it is to add a Google+ Post to your blog or any page of your website. Hover on the right hand corner of Rebecca’s post to see that it works – click on “read more” to read the entire post. If you like Rebecca’s post, +1, share with others or even follow her.

Trouble getting it to work?

If you have trouble and it doesn’t work, checkout this more detailed blog post, Embedding Google+ Posts Into a Website by Martin Shervington in which he lists the types of posts that are not compatible.


You will soon see elSue Google+ Posts sprinked over our website and others of value included in our blog posts. It’s a great way to get more people to follow you directly from your website. Let us know what you think!



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