Interview With Supercloth Clean – Entrepreneur and Supercloth™ Distributor

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Supercloth 6th Year AnniversarySupercloth Clean celebrates their 6th year anniversary on September 28th. Grace Macaluso, the owner, a remarkable person and true entrepreneur who started her business with 100 Supercloth™ Cloths in hand. Little did she know she was on her way to establishing a successful home business.

When I first met Grace with my Partner Ellen, it was to talk about her dream website for Supercloth Clean. Grace is smart with a upbeat personality – always smiling.  As we talked website logistics, I learned more about this remarkable woman who came here from Italy. I thought she would be the perfect person to interview so that others can see that “being proactive, working hard and having a positive attitude pays off” – you can succeed!

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Grace about how she started SuperCloth clean, her visit to Supercloth™ headquarters in Italy, the tools she used to grow her business and how the business continues to succeed.

Welcome Grace!

susan interview photoWelcome Grace, it’s so nice of you to take the time today to talk about Supercloth Clean. I’d first like to congratulate you on your 6th year anniversary coming up on September 28th. You are a real entrepreneur and have worked hard to establish and maintain a successful business. What made you decide to become a Supercloth™  distributor?

Grace Interview PhotoSix years ago a very good friend gave me my first Supercloth™. She was so excited to tell me about this amazing product and how it would make cleaning so much easier.  At first I didn’t believe it and then I tried it on a big mirror, it was like magic…the mirror shined without a lot of fuss. When I tried it on windows it left no lint and dust came off my furniture without having to use chemical spray. My house never shined this way before.

After a few months of using my first Supercloth™ I knew I needed a fresh one. I used Supercloth™ faithfully in my daily cleaning. When I went back to order more, my friends supplier was no longer selling them – I literally went into a panic “what am I to do now”.  I went online and searched for Supercloth™ and found the company based in Italy. As I searched their website, I found a page that said “do you want to be a Supercloth™ Distributor?” I filled in the questionnaire and send it in.  Almost immediately I heard back.  For a very minimum investment I could purchase Supercloths from them and try to sell them, so I purchased 100. They could not come from Italy fast enough!

I placed the first ad on eBay and that same day someone purchase the first Supercloth™ cloth, immediately after that I was selling them by the bunch – I knew it was the beginning of something big.

Visit to Supercloth™ Headquarters

susan interview photoTell us about your visit to Supercloth™ Headquarters in Italy – it must have been exciting.







Grace Interview PhotoIn 2009 I took a trip to Italy, my hometown San Severo, Italy which is 2 hours away from the company located in Bari, and went to see where Supercloth™ was manufactured.  Vilma, my supplier, took time away from her vacation to show me and my family around. The inside of the company is all state-of-the-art with modern colors of red and white and glass stairs. There is a room with about 20 TV monitors.  I also saw where they manufacture Supercloth™ cloths. It’s all done downstairs in the same building. Here’s a photo of Vilma and me.


Supercloth™ Product Growth

susan interview photo

The Supercloth product line is growing, most recently, Supercloth Bath was introduced, do you think this will continue?

Grace Interview Photo

Yes, Supercloth iPad-iPhone is one, it is a smaller version of the original but it does exactly the same thing. Supercloth Bathroom is another product the company came up with recently. It is great for cleaning your entire bathroom – tub, toilet, sink, floor and faucets – everything you cleans shines! Supercloth Kitchen, made to the room of the house specifically. It’s great for cleaning, counter tops, appliances, and anything else in the kitchen area.

Promoting Supercloth Clean on your website and eBay

susan interview photo

You promote and sell Supercloth product on your website and eBay. How do you manage both?

Grace Interview PhotoIt takes a good deal of my time, which I love.  It would take a lot more if I did not have the website. I have an e-commerce website that automates the sales. The website is easy-to-navigate. When you purchase Supercloth products, online payments are accepted and 100% SSL secure. Supercloth Clean accepts all major credit cards and personal checks. I personally check each order that comes in, package and ship it to it’s destination. I sell worldwide – shipping is free in the US.

There are many happy, satisfied customers – be sure to read the “customer testimonials” on the website. I run a Special of the Month and if you signup for the newsletter, you will receive a free Supercloth Floor Mini. There’s also a “Supercloth Clean Cleaning Tips Contest” going on now – be sure to go and enter you favorite cleaning tip – winners receive the Special of the Month. The winner is announced the on our website and in the monthly newsletter along with cleaning tip!

Ebay feedback

My feedback on eBay is 100%positive, cleanday is my user ID. This is one of my listings. 330679178731 6 SUPERCLOTH FREE SHIPPING! MADE AND IMPORTED FROM ITALY! GREAT PRICES!

Supercloth Clean Cleaning Tips Contest

susan interview photo

You have a “Cleaning Tips Contest” going on now. What other ways do you promote Supercloth Clean?

Grace Interview PhotoYes, thanks for mentioning our contest. It’s great when we receive the tips – so be sure to enter. We always have a monthly special going on our website and we use social media to get the word out.  We have a newsletter that goes out monthly and many repeat and loyal customers that tell others about Supercloth Clean.

Social Media

susan interview photo

What social media platforms do you participate on and why?

Grace Interview PhotoYou can find me on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. I love to engage new people to learn about Supercloth products, which will make their life easier when it comes to cleaning. I’ve met wonderful people through my online channels.

About Grace

susan interview photo

Lastly, you have a great attitude and passionate about Supercloth Clean. Tell us a little about your passion for Supercloth™ and what do you like to do in your down time?

Grace Interview PhotoI believe in the Supercloth™ products and proud to be a distributor. I use all of them myself, it’s the most wonderful cleaning gadget ever invented, makes cleaning almost fun. There are many happy customers – I’ve receive nothing but wonderful feedback. In my spare time, I like to take long walk with friends, possibly on the beach. I also have a passion for antiques cars shows, watch my favorite reruns on TV.


I want to thank Grace for taking the time to meet. You now have a better understanding of Supercloth Clean and Grace, a true entrepreneur – if you work hard and have a positive attitude, a successful business awaits you. I’m going to head on over to try out the Supercloth™ iPad- iPhone, mine is always in need of cleaning. While you are their, you can sign-up for Grace’s newsletter to receive Supercloth Clean news and updates, you also get the free Supercloth Floor Mini for signing up. Don’t forget about the Supercloth Cleaning Tips Contest – send in your favorite cleaning tip or tips and you have the chance to win the “product of the month”.

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