Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook – By Neil Patel

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Great infographic by Neil Patel, one of the top online marketers of our time. Neil gives us a good understanding why people Like, Comment and Share on Facebook. This is important for businesses on Facebook to understand so that know what their audience is interested in seeing on their business Page.

Many businesses have a Facebook Page and don’t post or interact on it. They were so excited to announce, we are now on Facebook! But, coming up with what to post, when to comment or share is a challenge for the every day business owner that manages their own Facebook Page.

Neil’s infographic is not only gives us reasons why people Like, Comment and Share, but for those that don’t know what to share, the infographic is of great value in that it shows what people look for. Go to reason 4 and you will see that people want to see businesses share coupons, participate in contests and share personal experiences. Under the “Why We Share” on the Infographic there’s more good ideas of what you can share – things that are important in your industry, something funny, recommend a product or service, add support to a cause – there’s some great ideas here!

Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Here’s my tip – I take a online review, testimonial or a couple LinkedIn recommendations and create a graphic image using Canva. I add our client’s brand colors and logo. Here’s an example using LinkedIn Recommendations:


Let us know what you do to increase and engage traffic on Facebook.

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